Using The Course Materials And The Unit Case Study Eye To Eye Write A Response Paper 2841189

Using the course materials and the Unit case study Eye to Eye, write a response paper between 700-900 words. Assess the conflict in the case study using the systems theory approach. Specifically, choose any three questions from either the Wilmot-Hocker Conflict Assessment Guide or The Difficult Conversations Guide that appear to apply to the case study, “Eye to Eye,” for this unit.

For example, from the Conflict Assessment Guide (recommended), you might discuss the I. Nature of the Conflict, IV. Power, and V. Styles.

From the Difficult Conversations Guide, you might put yourself into the case study and discuss I. What happened – my story, IV. The Feelings Conversation – the other’s story, and V. The Identity Conversation.

Assignment specifics

  1. The paper must adhere to APA guidelines for citing references.
  2. Include a cover page.
  3. Include an introduction with a summary of the case study, and identify which conflict assessment guide and the specific questions will be used to assess the conflict.
  4. Use three questions from either the Conflict Assessment Guide or The Difficult Conversations Guide to assess the conflict in the case.
  5. Include specific examples from the case study and the textbook to support your analysis.
  6. Include at least three in-text citations from the case study or the text material.
  7. Length of the paper should be 700

Document Preview:

CM310-Communication and Conflict Unit 7: Case Study: Power Deborah Davis, Ph.D. “Eye to Eye” It was early Saturday morning. The bright sun was shining into the kitchen window. Enrique and Monica, a recently married young couple, sat at the table, sipping coffee, chatting about the day ahead, what they would do during the day, where they might go in the evening. Monica chirped in, saying, “I have a real craving for pizza tonight. Or maybe we could go to the movies. Or maybe both! It?s been so long since we?ve been out together.” “Let?s see how the day goes first, ok?” Enrique replied. “I?m not sure, but we?ll figure something out.” He looked at Monica, then away, gazing into space. “Well, alright,” Monica said, “but let?s really think about what we?ll do tonight. I?d love to spend time with my new husband!” There was a brief silence, when Monica quietly said, “There?s so much to do around the house—you know, all the laundry that?s been piling up over the last two weeks, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the house—all that stuff.” Hoping for a response, she waited. “I wonder what he?s thinking,” she said to herself. She remembered her own mother and father?s „discussions” about housework and how they would always just jump into battle and „bite each other?s head off.? The shouting would continue, both trying to outdo the other. Her father would yell, saying, “I don?t see why I need to help you around the house; I work all day and I?m tired. I just want to relax on the weekend! ” Then, her mother would eventually give in, doing the housework herself. Not getting a response from Enrique, Monica decided to change the subject altogether. “How?s work?” she asked.“Oh, you know, same thing, different day,” he responded. “You?re up for a promotion, though, right?” she inquired. “Uh huh. For a supervisor, Mr. Kelly?s not too bad. I mean, we all like him, even though he?s the boss. I just wish I had some pull, but there are so many other…



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