Using The College Registration Example From Section 6 7 3 As A Starting Point Do The 4079643

Using the College Registration example from Section 6.7.3 as a starting point, do the following:
-Recode the logic sing CMP and conditional jump instructions (instead of the .IF and .ELSEIF directives).
-Perform range checking on the credits value; it cannot be less than 1 or greater than 30. If an invalid entry is discovered, display an appropriate error message.
-Prompt the user for the grade average and credits values.
Display a message that shows the outcome of the evaluation, such as “The student can register” or “The student cannot register”.

6.7.3 example:

TRUE = 1
gradeAverage WORD 275 ; test value
credits WORD 12 ; test value
OkToRegister BYTE ?

main PROC

mov OkToRegister,FALSE

.IF gradeAverage > 350
mov OkToRegister,TRUE
.ELSEIF (gradeAverage > 250) && (credits
mov OkToRegister,TRUE
.ELSEIF (credits
mov OkToRegister,TRUE

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