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You are part of a team working on a project which aims to quantify the extent of poverty (defined as living in a household with an income lower than 60% of the national median income) among families with children over the past two decades, and to identify the factors associated with poverty at the individual and household level. The head of the research team is proposing to base the research on a data set which contains ten years of repeated cross-sections, collected at two-yearly intervals. You feel that it is important to use panel data for this project to investigate longitudinal measures of poverty, and poverty dynamics. So far, your suggestion has not been taken seriously, and you have decided to make your case in writing. Write a memo to the head of the research team outlining the reasons why it would be a good idea to use panel data for the research, outlining in detail the insights which may be obtained from panel data research, and the reasons why these additional insights are important for an understanding of the area. You may also like to acknowledge that cross-sectional data has a number of strengths too, and to suggest ways in which cross-sectional and panel data could be combined. In order to reinforce your arguments, you may want to refer to other authors’ work in this area, and/or to present preliminary results from the British Household Panel Survey. As well as being assessed for content, this question will also attract marks for your writing style and the persuasiveness of your argument. This question is subject to a strict limit of 2000 words. You may also include up to two tables. 2. USING PANEL DATA METHODS TO EXPL

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