USF Intimate Partner Violence and Children & Marriage and Cohabitation Essays

I need help with a Social Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

I have 3 small writing assignments where each needs to be 3 paragraphs. Should take like 2-3 hours to complete. I am providing the reading materials. I don’t have the books for the first assignment but you don’t need it. I will provide the lesson where you can just watch for a bit and get some info, as well as a Prezi document that has everything. I have the material for the other 2 assignments that will be attached as a PDF

Assignment 1: reading material:… and…

For this activity, please provide a two page report that: 1) Summarizes the main arguments in this week’s readings in a paragraph or two, 2) Discuss what intrigued you about this week’s readings, 3) Explains how the readings help you better understand family or marital inequalities, and 4) Identifies 2-3 things that you believe need to still be considered to understand the how marriage and cohabitation impacts relationships and families (or in other words what else is part of the equation?)

Assignment 2: Reading material: Ipv and children pdf attached

Traditionally your weekly learning materials consist of videos, presentations, or audio lectures on the materials we are covering. This week we are going to deviate. Rather than me break down the articles for you (since I trust you will read them), I would prefer that you write a 2-3 paragraph reaction to the article on IPV and Children’s Experience. What did you learn? How did you feel? How did the children’s experience impact your understanding of IPV? What can we do to help?

Assignment 3: Reading material: Siblings pdf attached

For your fifth activity, I would like you to analyze the role your siblings played in your upbringing, development, childhood, and beliefs (if you are an only child please use a friend or family member that best served the role of a sibling). Write a 3 paragraph reflection, drawing strong connections between your argument and the readings. You must cite at least three specific aspects of the article as justification for your analysis. How did the article explain or not explain the role of siblings for you? There is no right answer to these questions. You will be graded on your ability to articulate a strong argument and support it.

For this one you can talk about my brother Josua. We grew up in Peru and he is 4 years younger than me (I’m 24 right now). I always took care of him and took him wherever I went since it’s common for all kids to go outside and to the park, etc by themselves since everything is walking distance; even the stores. My mom went to the USA when we were little so she can bring us here for a better life so I used to take care of him whenever our grandparents were busy. My dad wasn’t too well and my parents divorced so he didn’t live with us (grandparents house) and he would just come visit once a week. Taking care of him gave me a sense of responsibility and matureness. Even today, we have the same friends and hang out together I drive him everywhere and I can’t imagine us being separated.

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