Use Visual Studio To Create A C Project And Design The User Interface Transcript

Use Visual Studio to create a C# project and design the user interface.

  1. Transcript Request Application: This application allows students to request transcripts of their degree. A student enters their last name, first name, E#, street address 1, street address 2, city, state, and zip code. Then, a student chooses the type of transcript (Undergraduate, or Graduate, or Both). After that, a student chooses the format of the transcript (Sealed Envelope, and/or Expedited Mail and/or Insured Mail). The application should have two buttons, a ‘Submit’ button and an ‘Cancel’ button. 
  2. Income Tax Return Application: This application allows users to check the status of their income tax return. A user enters their last name, middle initial, first name, social security number, and their date of birth. A user then chooses the type of the income tax return (1040, or 1040A, or 1040EZ). A user also chooses the delivery method of the report (By Mail, and/or Email and/or Online). The application should have two buttons, a ‘Check Status’ button and an ‘Exit’ button. 
  3. Water Bill Application: This application allows customers to pay their water bill. A customer enters their account #, total amount due, credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Then a customer chooses the type of their credit card (Visa, or Discover, or MasterCard, or American Express). After that, a customer chooses how to receive their receipt (Email, and/or Text Message). The application should have two buttons, a ‘Pay Now’ button and a ‘Cancel’ button.


  1. Choose an appropriate name for the solution/project.
  2. Use Radio Button for options
  3. Change the Name/Text properties of all controls and use prefixes.
  4. Change the following properties of your form (BackColor, AcceptButton, CancelButton, Text)
  5. Assign an AccessKey to each button.
  6. Make sure the tab order is correct.

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