Use The Structure 1 2 3 4 Provided Below To Describe The Map It Will Allow Me To

Use the structure (1, 2, 3, 4) provided below to describe the map.  It will allow me to give you more detailed guidance when grading.  Please do not attach documents, but simply type (or paste) your work into the submission box.  See lecture 2 (How To Read a Map) for directions. Please do not quote or copy the text, lectures or online materials.  Explain what you see and what you have learned from reading this week’s module and text material. 

1. Title – What is global net radiation (SW vs LW) ? what is the map illustrating?  what is being measured?

2.  Pattern – identify highest and lowest categories on the map (list #), and locate a general global pattern, based upon latitude zones (tropics, midlatitudes, or poles).  

3. Examples – identify 4-6 countries in the highest category and 4-6 countries in the lowest category that you identified in pattern above.  

4. Process – explain the cause for the patterns that you have identified.  Why are the countries you identified experiencing high solar radiation (SW > LW)? Which countries are experiencing low solar radiation (SW < LW), why does this occur in these regions?  You will get this information from reading ch 1-4, and module materials.  Be sure to identify and describe the dates of the year when the sun is directly overhead or outside the circle of illumination. Be sure to explain how such earth-sun relationships cause these patterns. This section (4) should be 300-400 words.

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