Use The Same Leaders Chosen In Week 3 Or As A Group Select A Different Recognize

Use the same leaders chosen in Week 3 or as a group select a different recognized public safety, military, or public sector leader that will be utilized for this week’s written submission. Take into account the availability of open source information, and research material when selecting your leader.

1. What specific habits, qualities, belief and values does this leader display, give an example?

2. What leadership skills (vision, strategy and tactics, organizational mgt., change agent, etc.) does this leader display?

3. Conduct in-depth research on your leader to identify the sources and influences on their development as a leader. These influences can come from leaders they worked under, education institutions, academies, family members, co-workers, childhood experiences, coaches, organizations, corporations, etc. Try to pin point the sources that developed this leader. Be specific about and describe what philosophy, skill, quality, belief or value, etc, came from what source of influence.

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