Use The Internet To Read The Following Harada M 1994 History Of Higher Education

Use the Internet to read the following:

  • Harada, M. (1994). History of higher education: Curriculum [PDF]. ERIC (ED379977). Retrieved from

Complete the following below for question 300-500 words:

England’s influence on colleges was strong in the colonial and early postcolonial period of the United States, but the colleges “were remarkable and complex, a hybrid of legacies, transplants, deliberate plans, and unintended aspirations” (Thelin, 2011, p. 11). Evolving and competing beliefs about what should be taught and how it should be taught are a central theme in the development of higher education. As Harada (1994) stated, “the curriculum history of American undergraduate education has largely been a reflection of the shifting perceived needs of society” (p. 1).

For this question, examine curriculum change as presented by Harada (1994) and determine what you believe are the key internal and external factors that have influenced curriculum change over time. Provide an example of each of the factors that you mention. Then, “Identify” factors evident today that you believe will lead to curriculum change in the near future. Explain why you consider each of these factors significant.

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