University of the Cumberlands Systems Error Detection and Application Discussion

I don’t understand this Computer Science question and need help to study.

Choose an article from the below journals. What is the research questions and the article that supports this gap. Attach the supporting article as well.

I need a good topic and what is the contribution in that research and how you are going to do I mean methodology. Provide good references as well.

Journal Databases on the UC Library Proquest, ACM, and IEEE

Journal of the ACM

Communications of the ACM

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems

Journal of Cryptology

Software and Systems Modeling

Journal of Machine Learning Research

IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering

Journal of Systems and Software

MIS Quarterly

Information Systems Research

Management Science

Journal of Management Info. Systems

Decision Sciences

Communications of the ACM

Decision Support Systems

European Journal of Info. Systems

ACM Transactions

Journal of AIS

Information Systems

ACM Computing Surveys

Journal of Information Systems

Journal of Strategic Info. Systems

Information and Management

Communications of the AIS

Journal of Database Management

Journal of Information Management


Journal of Computer Info. Systems

Info. Resources Management Journal

Journal of Management Systems

Journal of the ACM


Journal of Info. Systems Management

Journal of Information Science

Human-Computer Interaction

Operations Research

Interfaces (INFORMS)

Int’l Journal of Human-Computer Studies

Journal of Information Systems Educ.

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