University of Southern Mississippi Technology and Aging Adults Discussion

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Backstory on the assignment—“You will be selecting a topic that influences the aging population; this topic will be the theme
for the additional assignments in the course, so please choose wisely. It is recommended that you choose a topic that you
are particularly passionate about and is either a physical, emotional, financial, mental, or spiritual challenge for both the
aging population and those taking care of them” —I chose the topic of technology and the aging population and how it affects them, not being able to keep up with the ever evolving technology.

You will write one paragraph highlighting why the topic you chose should be of interest to your readers. This needs to include a minimum of three peer reviewed articles that are relevant, appropriate, and are referenced accurately (i.e., APA format). The paragraph needs to be put in your own words; the assignment will be checked for plagiarism. You should write a minimum of 5 sentences for full credit on that criteria, but you are welcome to write more if appropriate.

You must include a reference list of THREE sources.

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