University of South Florida Black Panther Party as a Terrorist Organization Paper

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Must be 7 Pages long SINGLE SPACED

  • RESEARCH-PAPER with 10 CONCEPTS TO ADDRESS ON The Black Panthers, highlighting with the 10 Concepts below its goals, ideology, organization and type of terror tactics used
  • What is the Ideology or Political motivations of this Terrorist/Insurgent group?
  • What type of terrorist/insurgency organization is this group: Domestic or International?
  • What type of terrorist/insurgency organization is this group: Typology of group?
  • What type of terror attacks/strategy or threat are being employed? Why?
  • What is the most infamous terrorist attack associate with this terrorist/insurgency group?
  • Who is the most important leader or leadership structure of this terrorist/insurgency group?
  • Are there any international connections associated with this terrorist/insurgency group?
  • What type of Counter-terrorist strategy you suggest is most effective?
  • What type of international Counter-terrorist cooperation strategy is used against this terrorist/ insurgency group (U.S.-Bilaterals; U.S.-NATO; U.S.-E.U.; INTERPOL; EUROPOL; U.N.)?
  • Any domestic legal/political concerns/backlash over Civil Liberties and possible abuse of power?

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