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Ghosting, according to the 2020 article by LeFebrve, Rasner and Allen “I Guess I’ll Never Know…”: Non-initiators Account-Making After Being Ghosted”, is “… a popular contemporary dating disengagement strategy that abruptly ends communication using technological medium(s) and subsequently implies the relationship’s end.” (p.395). Use at least one (1) of the readings from the September 23rd class on Theoretical Groundings to further understand ghosting. In the discussion, critically analyze the definition of ghosting in relation to at least one of the readings. If possible, you can relate them to your own personal experience with ghosting – have you done it? Have you been ghosted?

To receive full marks, you must write between 700 and 800 words detailing personal reflections about the course material (these are not journal entries, they are academic engagements)

Full marks will be awarded to all students who:

Start a new thread that includes a thoughtful discussion about the use of theories in social psychology and the type of knowledge they produce. These threads must include reflections relating to one of the readings from the September 23rd Theoretical Groundings class.

Optional additional reading on “ghosting”:

LeFebvre, Leah E., Ryan D. Rasner and Mike Allen. 2020. ““I Guess I’ll Never Know…”: Non-Initiators Account-Making After being Ghosted.” Journal of Loss & Trauma 25(5):395-415

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