University of New Moses vs Jacobs Discussion

The response should: 1) critically discuss or reflect on specific themes, concepts, data or proposals presented in the readings; 2) include some comparative assessment or identify connections among different readings; and 3) include at least one thoughtful discussion question. Your original post should be at least 300 words (about a page and a half double spaced). Thoughtful and analytical responses typically take up to 500 words. Don’t respond with generalities (e.g. “This was an interesting article).

How would you summarize Robert Moses’s legacy? Do you think equity planning has changed how we plan cities?

Talen, Ch 3: Principles: Urbanists vs. Anti-Urbanists. (37-69).

Walser, L. 2016. A Tale of Two Planners: Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses. (链接到外部网站。) National Trust for Historic Preservation.

TransAlt. 2020. Repeal Robert Moses. Transportation Alternatives. (链接到外部网站。)

Krumholz, N. 2015. Advocacy and Equity Planning (链接到外部网站。). International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition.……

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