University of Missouri The Handsomest Drowned Man in The World Discussion

Question Description

  • Directions:

    • Analyze the symbolism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “The Most Handsomest Drown Man in the World.” (A summary of the story is not necessary.)
    • Show how the story’s message(s) critiques or reinforces notions related to our current social environments, possibly even our virtual navigations.
    • Consider how it may relate to specific aspects of social identity: race, ethnicity, spiritual affiliation, socioeconomic class, gender, or age/generation.
    • What norms, expectations, assumptions, or political issues are being symbolized?
    • Show your opinions related to the concepts. Do not write a review of the story.
    • You may use relevant ideas from your DB 7 and DB 8 posts.
    • Sources:
      • Marquez’s story.
      • At least one of the articles discussed this semester.
      • At least one reliable outside source related to social identity or a social issue. This source must be accessible through the UMKC Miller Nichols Library databases.
      • Properly cite and document the sources.
    • Include the following:
      • Introduction (with a clear thesis statement)
      • 3-5 body paragraphs (with supporting details, explanation, and citations)
      • Conclusion
      • Works Cited or References page.
  • Format:

    • Align text to the left of the page.
    • Use Times New Roman.
    • Use 11 or 12 point font.
    • Use double-spacing.
    • Use 1 inch (2.54 cm)
    • Show page numbers (MLA or APA style) in the top right-hand corner (Insert Header).
    • Type your name, course number, and date in the top left-hand corner of the first page.

For the sources you need to use this:

  • The MNL Library offers access to many databases of scholarly sources.
    • Go to the Miller Nichols Library (Links to an external site.) page
    • Click on “Databases” under “Articles & Databases.”
    • Click on: “E” under “Browse Database by Name.”
    • Click on “EBSCOhost Databases.” Be sure that you click on the databases, not the ebook collection.
    • Alternatively, you may use JSTOR or another relevant database.
    • Click the green “Connect” button and log in.
    • Click on “Advanced Search” under the search window.
    • Type in your key search terms related to your topic. Use the Boolean Commands (AND, OR, NOT) to adjust your search results. You may have to play around with your search term combinations.
  • Analyze the source to determine whether it is reliable or not.

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