University of Michigan Drawdown Project Questions

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Read this website:

Part 1:

Answer these questions:

1. What is drawdown?

2. What are the goals of Project Drawdown?

3. What are the nine sectors that this project identifies as potentially important to achieve “drawdown”.

4. What are the top 10 solutions? (notice that the top 10 solutions do not change between scenarios – just the relative order changes)

5. Were there any surprises in the top 10 solutions? Were you surprised to see some things there? Are there solutions that you would have predicted to be in the top 10 that were not? What were they?

Part 2:

Pick two climate solutions from Project Drawdown (Links to an external site.) and answer the following questions about them. At least one of your solutions should come from outside of the top ten.

1. What is the solution?

2. How many gigatons reduced CO2 could this solution lead to?

3. What is the net implementation cost?

4. What is the net operational savings?

5. Look at the Technical Summary:

a. Summarize “Scenario 1.” Do you think that “Scenario 1” is realistic? Why or why not?

b. Summarize “Scenario 2.” What challenges would need to be overcome to meet “Scenario 2”? Do you think this is possible? Why or why not?

6. How does this solution relate to something that we have studied in BI 130?

7. How does this solution relate to your own life?

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