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So, I may speak with some of you later this morning, but to get started, here is your first set of assignments. Dig out the old textbook, Forensic Science: The Basics, and read chapter 15, Forensic Entomology (it’s all about bugs and bodily decomposition). I think it will be a good place to start since it is gross, and the chapter is rather short.

And, to get us off to a roaring start, here are three questions to consider, to answer, and to comment on at least one other student’s answer.

1. When a female Blowfly first comes to a dead body, which places would she normally lay her eggs?

2. Blowflies are normally not active at night. How can this affect the determination of the PMI (Post Mortem Interval)?

3. When collecting entomological evidence (the actual insects and their larvae) at a death scene, what other data would you want to record?

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