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Q1) According to ‘Thucydides, Peloponnesian War’ (source 3.5) in what specific ways does Pericles see Athens a ‘the school for Hellas’?

Q2) According to ‘Thucydides, Peloponnesian War’ (source 3.5) how does Pericles argue that Athens’s cultural achievements result from its democratic political system?

Q3) In his opening paragraph Herodotus ‘On the Egyptians’ (source 3.4) claims that he is writing history to preserve the ‘great deeds/wonders (ta thaumata, in Greek)’ displayed by ‘both the Hellenes and the barbarians.’ Does his analysis primarily display Greek cultural curiosity or cultural chauvanism?

Q4) How is Herodotus ‘On the Egyptians’ (source 3.4) applying a rational framework to the stories he has heard?

Q5) According to ‘Hesiod Works and Days(source 3.1) how is work a function of a man’s overall reputation in the community?

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