University of Massachusetts Boston Ecosystem Simulation Research Paper

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Complete the following activities of the Interactive Ecology Lab of the Ecosystem Video:

  1. Click on “Challenge” to give yourself context to the ecological scenario.
  2. Click on “Open Simulator.”
  3. Set up the food web so that only Plant A population grows, and Herbivore A is not in this ecosystem (it does not eat Plant A), take note of the results.
  4. Next, Reset and now click on Herbivore A (the bunny) and Herbivore C (the deer) and run the simulation again noting the results
  5. Run the simulation and take note of the results
  6. Reset again. This time click on the Top Predator and have it eat Herbivore A and Herbivore C.
  7. Post comments on the following Discussion Questions.

post a response to the following questions:

  1. Describe the differences in the Plant A population changes and put forth your reason why the Population of the Plant A population changes in each scenario.
  2. Using at least one outside source, try to find a real life example of an organism being removed or added to an ecosystem and the impact to the rest of the food chain/web.

Please write at least 300 words. THX!

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