University of Maryland Matrix Science Fiction Film Analysis

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Topic 1

1) Write a short analysis of the movie you have chosen. (Note: This must be in your own words and incorporate your own ideas and individual take on the film. Copying film reviews or summaries from online sources, for instance IMDb or wikipedia, is not appropriate even if they are properly quoted and/or referenced.)

2) Connect the movie you chose with the films of the same genre in the week three content. How is the film similar/different? Make sure you include a clear analysis of the films/clips in the Week 3 content that are in the same genre grouping as the film you chose to watch!

3) Discuss how sound plays a part in the film you watched. Identify at least three places that sound stood out in the film.

Topic 2

Censorship in film has played an important role in commercial movie making. Do you think the film you watched for this week’s first discussion question would have been allowed to release with the same exact content under the Hays Code? Why or why not? Be explicit and support your claim with verbiage from the Hays Code itself. ——- COURSE CONTENT IS FOUND HERE——–

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