University of Louisiana Eliminating Annual Performance Evaluations Discussion

You should have read the two articles on the pros and cons of the traditional annual employee performance evaluation. Choose which position you support: ( labeled readings for discussion)

  • Continue traditional annual performance evaluations.
  • Continue annual performance evaluations – but with suggested modifications
  • Abandon annual performance evaluations and substitute with periodic check-ins or some other similar feedback.

Once you’ve chosen your position, now:

  • Defend your selection by using support from (a) personal experience, (b) materials from the course, and (c) outside research on the subject that provides support for your position. Cite your resources.
  • Your defense must be well-thought out, free from grammar & spelling errors, and using complete sentences. You can employ bullets or a list format for part of your answer if you feel it would help present your argument.
  • You must have at least 2 legitimate outside sources (and properly cite to them using MLA format)
  • No plagarism.

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