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A Letter to Eleanor Roosevelt Primary Source. After reading that document, please complete the following writing assignment.

Post your response to the following questions about the letter sent to Eleanor Roosevelt. This assignment is to be completed inside this forum post.  This is not one of your discussion forums for this week, but is a separate writing assignment.

1. Analyze the letter for its relationship to the economic crisis that was going on in the United States at that time.  In other words, how does a letter and request such as this fit within the historical time-frame being studied?

2. What might you be able to infer about the woman just from reading her letter? Economic status? Educational status? Pride? Provide examples from the letter to validate your answer. Also, in your response, tell me what infer means and why your response is an inference.

3. Evaluate the impact that this letter has obviously had on historians trying to relay the hardships families faced in the Great Depression? What strikes you as the most compelling point in the letter that would illustrate that?

4. Why is this considered a primary source? To answer this, define and explain what a primary source is and then relate this source as an example of it.

5. Using GMC’s databases, provide another primary source from this historical era that is similar to this. Provide the link to that source in your response and then explain why you chose that example.

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