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Identify the legal challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) with respect to cybersecurity. The adoption of IoT devices has led to astronomical growth of the amount of consumer data organizations gather, use, analyze, and store indefinitely and has overshadowed the significance of the attendant security risks. Although these devices continue to transform our homes, healthcare, transportation, information technology and energy infrastructure, each new device adds to the potential attack surface for hackers and criminals. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) January 2015 report expressed security concerns regarding consumers’ use of IoT devices such as enabling unauthorized access, misuse of personal identification, and expediting attacks on others systems. The agency is worried that the proliferation of cheap IoT devices and their applications can create security issues for consumers, especially the purposes for which personal data collected will be utilized. Address all of these concerns, providing a comprehensive analysis of the existing security, privacy, and cybersecurity laws and address the legal challenges that would inhibit the development, growth, adoption, and use of IoT technology.

The paper should discuss significant research by others (a quick literature review), research done by the group, and consensus of research and applicable law
Summary and conclusions- Support your view of whether you agree or disagree
The paper should have around 1800-2000 words. In addition to 2000+ word count, a title page and references should be included. Abstract, table of contents, and lists of figures and tables should not be present.


Each student should independently present their group’s research paper individually in a unique PowerPoint presentation on Sunday.
Each presentation should summarize the key points of the paper, using appropriate visual aids/graphics for the presentation.
The notes sections on the slide should be a transcript of the oral presentation that would normally accompany the presentation.
The presentation should contain a title slide, 6-10 content slides (as many as needed), and references slide(s) at the end for any sources used

No Plaigarism
APA Format

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