University of Connecticut Improving Sales Pitch Tactics Letter

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Activity #2 Internal Message

Your sales team at Better Horizon Credit Union have requested support for improving their sales pitch tactics. Specifically, they need help with the “2 minute sales pitch” they often find themselves giving either face to face or over the phone to potential members (much like the Toastmasters Presentation).

As their manager, you need to send them an email (internal message), reinforcing the need for these skills and suggest strategies that can improve their pitch. Your “Call to Action” can lead towards a workshop or training session, but note some of the suggested, rhetorical strategies you’ve learned through completing the Toastmasters Presentation.

In developing this message, consider:

  • Components of Internal, Persuasive Messages
  • Enacting the F.A.I.R evaluation
  • Rhetorical tools (ethos/pathos/logos)
  • Psychological tools (Harnessing the Science of Persuasion)

Format: 1 page; 12 point font; single-spaced; 200-300 words.

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