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Reform and Politics in the Progressive Era

In what ways can Progressivism be seen as a response to the extremes of the Gilded Age? How did Progressive Era Americans seek to reform and regulate U.S. society, government, and economics? Be sure to address at least one document in your answer.

write a 200-word discussion board post in response to the prompt. In your response, you must quote or make reference to at least one of the documents assigned for reading in this module. You may also use material addressed in the lecture videos. you must post a 50-word substantive response to one of your classmates’ posts.

things you need in this assignment:

Required reading: Voices of Freedom

  • Document 119 – Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Women and Economics (1898)
  • Document 120 – John A. Ryan, A Living Wage (1912)
  • Document 121 – The Industrial Workers of the World and the Free Speech Fights (1909)

Required reading: Voices of Freedom

  • Document 122 – Margaret Sanger on “Free Motherhood” (1920)
  • Document 123 – Mary Church Terrell, “What It Means to Be Colored…” (1906)
  • Document 124 – Woodrow Wilson and the New Freedom (1912)

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