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Media Writing Final Story and Exam

Your final exam will be a news feature story that addresses these
Was the American Dream more myth than reality? Is it
achievable today? Has the traditional dream been replaced
by a new version?
As you research the topic, other questions will present
No rough drafts are required, nor will they be accepted.
Exams submitted past the deadline time will be subject to a
10-point deduction. No exams will be accepted later than
the deadline day unless you have received written
permission to submit after the due date. As with all course
work, cite your sources within the text. No citations page is
required or needed.
Assignment Summary
The story of between 1,350 and 1,450 words will be based on
seven to ten interviews and onlineresearch
Your central task is to combine interviews with research and
take stock of the American Dream.
Your interviews and research must respond to the
questions posed.
The website Investopedia offers.

I will upload a more specific instruction and a couple more helpful files for this assignment.

File #1 & 2: Instructions (Most important)

# 3: A news feature story example

# 4 & 5: Background stories

Additional link to more background articles

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