University of California LA Second Wave Feminism & Ethnic Studies Discussions

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Material : 05 lecture notes. Second wave feminism and abortion rights.docx, Planned Parenthood. Roe v. Wade – Its History and Its Impact.pdf,

  1. Summary paragraph: In your first paragraph (5-8 sentences), summarize both the reading and the lecture notes

  1. Reactions paragraph: In your second paragraph (5-8 sentences), give your own reactions, thoughts, and reflections on the reading and/or lecture notes
  2. Second: ETHNIC STUDIES. Material :,,
  3. 1. Have you ever experienced someone having a privileged you felt was unearned or deserved?2. Have you ever felt as if you were the one with that special privileged, and how did you feel?3. Does white privileged exist?4. Lastly, compare the following examples, and you can share how you feel?

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