University of California Irvine Week 5 Digital Technology in Film Discussion

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Please answer the each question for 100-150 words, this is discussion question, so it’s more like comment format with your thought

1. Digital technology affects all aspects of people’s lives including cinematography. How long did the process of digitalization in the cinematography? What changes have digital technology brought to the cinema and filmmaking process? What does a term previsualization mean? What is the purpose? Give some examples of how to use it.

2.How did digital technology has impacted the cinema? using the CGI as guidence and examples from screening to discuss how the technology has changed throughout history?(preproduction, postproduction, film styles and genres, shooting on digital, distribution, marketing, exhibition, etc.)

Screening: Chicken Run (Peter Lord and Nick Park, 2000) The

Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012)

King Kong

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