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Create a first draft of the outline of your review paper. This outline will not have a great amount of detail, since you have not yet begun researching the subject, but should include all sections that you think may be included in the final review paper that you’ll be writing. We will cover the sections of a strong outline in class. For this Assignment, your complete outline will consist of:

(i) an Introduction outline, including at least TWO main categories of background information that you will include in the Introduction. The categories of background information can be in the form of questions, if you prefer. The Introduction outline MUST end with a strong draft of your thesis statement;

(ii) an outline of the Body of the paper; the outline must indicate the approach to your review – for example, do you intend to review two sides to an argument? If so, your outline should include a brief description of each side of the argument. Alternatively, will your review paper cover the state of a science of environmental concern? If so, your outline should include at least TWO major categories that you intend to research to report on the state of the science; and

(iii) a brief Discussion outline.

In formatting your outline, use Roman Numerals (I, II, and III) to label the sections (Introduction, Body…). Within each section, use Arabic numbers (1, 2, etc.) to label major categories of information, including the thesis statement.

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