University of Albany Behavioral Foundations of Management Reflective Essay

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My requirement is a reflection report of about 1000 words. You need to select one of the 5 chapters I uploaded and complete the following requirements with the theory in chapter.

Reflection Report

  • Your reflection on one theory in this course.
  • Rubric:

  • Your understanding/explanation on a theory in OB (1~2 P, 20
  • points)

  • Link the theory to stories or examples in your life — intern,
  • group project, summer work, family activity (1~2 P, 20


  • How to apply this theory to explain your life experience,
  • whether theory in consistent with life experience, any other

    thinking (1~2 P , 20 points).

  • 3-6 page report (including reference), 12-point font size,
  • spacing 2 lines, verification check.

    Prof. Angela


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