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You have asked Robert to meet with you next week. Please prepare information which you will discuss with him regarding how to handle the following situations.

  • Robert recently hired a new Staff Accountant. Rita Torres has a total of 10 years of accounting experience with 8 years as an Accounting Clerk and the last two years as a Staff Accountant. Discuss some onboarding and training ideas with Robert so Rita can be productive as soon as possible. There is a two week overlap between Rita’s hire date and the retiring employee’s last day.
  • It is approaching the time for annual performance reviews. You will need to advise Robert on how to complete these appraisals. Be sure to share with him best practices. Also, discuss with him how to manage the performance of each member of his staff. Robert’s staff currently consists of an experienced Staff Accountant (Ted Smith) who has been with the company for 25 years, a newly hired Staff Accountant (Rita Torres), a high potential Accounting Clerk (Demarcus Miller) who recently graduated college, and a below average Accounting Clerk (Mildred Hanover) who continues to have performance issues unrelated to her accident.
  • Demarcus has also asked to meet with Robert to discuss his career options. He started with the company five years ago and has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting during that five years. Give Robert some ideas on what type of feedback he can give Demarcus.
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