Universal Museum and Collections

Answer these questions from the readings below ( See attachments) Discussion board answers should be 200-500 words.(don’t count the questions‘ words)  From Alexander reading (chapter 8):I don’t have a document for the Who defines a museum collection and how?From Curtis reading:PDFs How does this essay complicate the goals of the universal museum? How is the universal museum defined?Would you agree that art collected from an earlier era (pg. 75) should be viewed in light of different sensitivities and values reflective of that era? Why or why not?Similarly, in the conclusion Curtis notes 4 ways in which museums can handle repatriation…which of these 4 would you endorse? Or would you endorse more than one and why From the Art and Craft documentary: Documentary: Art and Craft: What’s It Take to Catch a Fake? (2015)With which protagonist do you relate, Mark Landis or Matthew Leininger? Was the work of Landis a real threat to authorship and authenticity?

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