Unions: Sociological and Economic Considerations

I need help with the following: The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 addressed the sociological and economic conditions of a different era. Your research paper should address this statement by examining the following: 1. Pick a Union, preferably one that has existed for at least 30 years. Describe its purpose, its history, and the status of membership at its peak. 2. Research any instances where the Union has been involved in negotiations, lockouts, strikes, etc. Detail those events, including the issues involved, the perspectives of labor and management at the time, and the end result. 3. Research the current status of Union membership for the Union you chose. What external factors have contributed to its current status (e.g. Right to work, economic conditions)? 4. Give your opinion as to the future of this Union. Requirements: 4 pages | .doc file

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