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The NYT article ends with the following: “Inequality is an inescapable fact of urban life. The Greek philosopher Plato, prefiguring Dr. King by a few thousand years, wrote in “The Republic” that “any city, however small, is in fact divided into two, one the city of the poor, the other of the rich.” But the crisis is a reminder that segregation is an illusion. The halves depend on one another. The rich need labor; the poor need capital. And the city needs both. Reducing segregation requires affluent Americans to share, but not necessarily to sacrifice. Building more diverse neighborhoods, and disconnecting public institutions from private wealth, will ultimately enrich the lives of all Americans — and make the cities in which they live and work a model again for the world.”

Do you think it is possible to build more diverse neighborhoods without creating gentrification?


What aspects of the equitable city mentioned in the article do you think are the most solvable?

The response should: 1) critically discuss or reflect on specific themes, concepts, data or proposals presented in the readings; 2) include some comparative assessment or identify connections among different readings; and 3) include at least one thoughtful discussion question. Your original post should be at least 300 words (about a page and a half double spaced). Thoughtful and analytical responses typically take up to 500 words. Don’t respond with generalities (e.g. “This was an interesting article). We will use the discussion posts to frame class discussions.

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