Understanding Movies

I have selected,James Francis Cameron as my final project.

(1)Me- James Cameron is famous for his directing of movies such as The Terminator and Aliens in the 1980s and Truth Lies and Titanic in the 1990s. He explored new heights in film directing and is considered an important figure. I intend to base my project on James Cameron as an important director who was active between 1950 and 2000.

(2) Professor responds- The good news is, within your class, James Cameron is still available. Now, if you could elaborate just a bit more for the sake of the proposal (this is a graded element after all), that would be great.

At this point, you are to draft a proper proposal that explains in greater detail why you have chosen your selected topic

Professor response-Here is a sample:

(3) After reviewing Stage One assignment and three types of projects Iâve selected Project A for my term paper.The main reason I chose to select this project mainly because Iâve always been interested in the background of directors and what this lifestyle is really about. Since growing up Iâve always watched movies but really didnât get to know the director behind the magic. At a young age action movies caught my attention probably because it was a way for my dad and me to bond. Today, I try to incorporate those memories with my two sons who are six and four who are now big Star Wars fans!

(4) There were numerous directors that I was interested in but decided to select the late Tony Scott if approved.

(5) He too was a military brat that moved around several times due to his father being in the military. To me he was a manâs man one that represented movies in a way that really did get the viewersâ attention. The actors that he selected in his movies were some of my top ones including Denzel Washington and Christopher Walken. After doing more research on this topic I hope to learn more about what Tony Scott was really like and be able to describe his films editing, sound and music, cinematography, special camera work and special effects.

I hope this provides some insight and I look forward to your response

Prof. Angela


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