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1. The rise in totalitarianism was due to major power struggles in between countries like Russia, Germany, and Italy. Totalitarianism started off as communism, it started in Italy because citizens were scared of socialism. Mousolini couldn’t get his way so he created the first form of totalitarianism. Which inspired Hitler who saw the Great Depression. As an opportunity and with that opportunity he rose a terror about a « national emergency ». Simply totalitarianism came together due to citizens wanting something and one person was able to give them that thing and they gave that person all the power.

2. Japan reasoning for breaking away from the LON was that there were internal issues going. Japan wanted the LON to respect their treaty, people, and property. Countries like China offered false opinions which tainted the global opinion of Japan and when this wasn’t resolved Japan removes themselves. Germany however wanted endorsement, arms, and allies and when meeting was setup with the LON; Germany was blindsided by the LON’s plan to break the Germany-France deadlock and because Germany wasn’t getting what they wanted. Germany ended up leaving too.

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