UNC Groups Who Were Not Allowed to Access the American Dream Paper

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Essay Question: The “American Dream” is widely celebrated for its ability to grant socio-economic mobility to people from a variety of backgrounds. Name three groups of people who were most systematically excluded from access to the greatest promises of this “American Dream” between 1865 and 1945. Explain how they were excluded in political and financial terms. How did their exclusion benefit others? And how effective were various social or political movements in making change, and what made them effective or ineffective?

5-6 double-spaced, 12-point-font pages

  • Own it. Draw your own conclusions and construct your own framework through which to best understand each question.
  •  Form a clear argument/thesis that you then defend/prove for the rest of the paper.
  •  Start early. Your answer will be much better if you begin now rather than the night before.
  •  Think “big picture” and employ a variety of class materials (the textbook, primary sources, lectures, ID terms) in your answer.
  •  Consider how various topics and themes overlap and interconnect.

 Provide examples for your historical evidence used to prove your thesis

 Cite information!

 For citations, use footnotes and the Chicago Manual of Style (When in doubt about a citation, just make sure your sources of information are clear to the reader). You can

cite all lectures and readings.

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