UM Coronavirus and Unemployment Alternative Policy Alternatives Discussion

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Coronavirus and Unemployment: Alternative Policy Alternatives

  1. The title of the paper and the research question to be answered.
  2. The focus or purpose of the paper and theoretical concept addressed (i.e., a concept that was covered in class and is central to your research question.)
  3. Key search words relating to the topic and used of bibliographic searches.
  4. Outline: 5-6 Main Points with 4-5 subpoints; Introduction and conclusion. The subheadings you plan to use in order to structure your answer, along with bullet points that explain what you plan to write about in each section.
  5. A preliminary list of limitations to your investigation along with proposed additional research that would lead to a more definitive answer to your research question.
  6. References: A list of new sources, including the full APA citation, a link to the source, and your notes about how the source will help you answer your research question; consult annotated book reviews as well as journal articles for sources.
  7. Outlines without all these elements will be returned for further research.

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