UDC Cloud Related Security Breaches Research Paper and PPT

Write about Four companies that have been victims of cloud-related security breaches and /or cloud providers that have been victims of security breaches.

Include: Company Name—type of company—brief history—Industry—Customers (consumer, business, or both), Type of threat, What or (who) caused the threat, How the threat was discovered, How the threat was resolved, Explain what and how you would have implemented to have prevented the intrusion( Use third person: eg. One may argue; It may be concluded), Known repercussions from the threat (monetary, reputation, brand, customer loss, etc).


1. Minimum 2000 words (500 words for each company in a Word document)

2. Minimum of 8 Scholarly references

3. References should match the content

4. Paper should be in APA Format

5. PPT- 10 slides

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