UCLA Stolen Children Residential School Survivors and Mountain Takaki Discussion

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Stolen Children Residential School Survivors

This is an open discussion.

The educational system has been a vital tool used to promote assimilation. Well, let’s look at impact assimilation had on these Native American people.

You are all welcome to share how you felt about the process of assimilation via the educational system. You can relate your experience to the video or elaborate on what you saw.

1. What was the impact of assimilation on the youth?

2. Why did the U.S. target the youth in their quest to assimilate the natives?

Toward the Stoney Mountain: Takaki

Material: Pdf Chapter 4

Answer the following questions

  1. Do you think Andrew Jackson was a war criminal?
  2. Do you think the US government intentionally misled the Indians? Why?
  3. What would American life be like now if the US government had different policies toward native peoples?
  4. How could the US government get away with breaking its treaties with native peoples?
  5. How did the railroad impact Native Americans?

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