UCF Scientific Report on Biodiversity on Different Sites Discussion

I don’t understand this Environmental Science question and need help to study.

Lab report

I’ll explain what I have done in this lab for the methods section

First of all in the first week on 22nd of septemmber we were asked to collect data from a specific basin. We had a measuring tool ,land digger , a gallon of water and tube. we dug 3 holes in 3 different areas in the same basin with the depth of 10cm for each hole, then we put the water in the tube that has 50ml and then spilled it in the three holes twice so that is 100ml, after that we measured the time that the hole take to suck the water in ground 100%, then we measured the whole basin, that’s for the first week.The weather was dry and sunny

The second week on 29th of september we were in the sane basin doing another activity, we were asked to take the land digger to get the soil that located in the 10cm depth, then we tested it in three different nutritions, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium . The weather was cloudy

The location that we were testing the study was in Miami, Barry university, N Miami Ave.

use the hogan and wallbrdige article as a reference.

there is a lot of information that is located in the excel file that you need to know to write the report.

you can find the guild and grading rubric to write the report in the lab22 word file

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