UAGM Effects of an Exercise Program on Obese Latin Male Students PPT

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Please include APA format, 20 Slides with approx. 7 sentences per slide, specific to the point (20 slides have to be related to research without including references. Then add references in additional slides total of 12 references. Very important, include threats for the research. Background in light color and easy to read.

please refer to attachment for example of how the powerpoint presentation should look like.

The power point question for study is: How would an exercise program and healthy diet help a group of 250 obese Latin male students between the ages of 12 to 14 years old at Hammocks Middle School over a period of six months? Please use the statistical study: Student T-distribution method, one single group pre/post design using waist measurement and BMI. Illustrate how it would look.

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