UAEU Influence of Spray Dryer Operation Variables on Milk Powder Quality Essay

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Search for a research article about Spray-drying of milk/milk products and write a 1.5 page on the following:

  • Introduction: Background information about subject, other researcher’s main findings of the subject matter, and objectives of the presented research (5 Marks)
  • Methodology: Technique used, parameters/variables(chemical/physical/microbiological etc.) tested, product tested (5 Marks)
  • Results: Summarize main findings reported in the paper (may include table or figure that describes main results) (5 Marks)
  • Application: what is the impact of these findings in the industry. How can they be applied (5 Marks)
  • Writing style: Grammar, spelling etc (3 Marks)
  • References: main references cited in your report (2 Marks)

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