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For this question, I want you to explore different tools we may use and why in this project. Identify at least one quantitative tool and one qualitative performance evaluation tool and provide the following information:

  • Brief explanation of the tool
  • Why you selected each tool
  • When you would use them during the project
  • What information you think they would yield and why this is important
  • Any limitations of the tools
  • How they might work together, if applicable


Focus on “10 Common Oversights in Project Risk Management”.Consider one of the following the oversights focused on stakeholders “Appropriate stakeholders are not involved in risk process” or “Risks are not communicated to stakeholders (same for risk response plan) – buy-in is not obtained “. Note the oversight you are addressing, why might this occur and what are the challenges/problems/ issues created because of it?

200 words for each question and include one reference to support your answers. APA format.

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