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Two companies in town A apply for a merger. The current competitive price is $100, whichis also the cost per unit for all suppliers in this industry. There is one supplier located intown B, one in town C and one in town D. Town B is 40 kilometres, town C is 70 kilometresand town D is 140 kilometres away from town A. Transportation cost of one unit of theproduct is $0.1 per kilometre.(a) [15 marks] The competition authority applies the 5%-SSNIP test to define the marketfor this merger application. Explain – in not more than 80 words – the SSNIP test. Whichtowns should be included in the market for the merger assessment?(b) [10 marks] How would the result change if the CA uses a 10%-SSNIP test? Explainbriefly – in not more than 60 words – the difference.(c) [15 marks] Instead of a merger, now consider a monopolisation case with a dominantfirm located in town A. All other assumptions are as before. Assume the dominant firmcharged a price above cost equal to $105. What is the relevant market for this antitrustcase when a 5%-SSNIP test is applied? Explain briefly – in not more than 80 words – the“Cellophane Fallacy” in this context.

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