Translate The Statements Of The Following Argument From English Into Sl After Tr

 translate the statements of the following argument from English into SL. After translation into SL, each student must construct a direct (full, exhaustive) truth-table for the translated argument. Be sure to distinguish correctly between the premises and conclusion. Next to the direct truth-table, write whether the argument is valid or invalid. Use typewriter symbols for SL operator symbols. Under the direct (full, exhaustive) truth-table, each student must provide an indirect truth-table for the argument. Next to the indirect truth-table, indicate whether the argument is valid or invalid. Obviously, the answers obtained from the direct truth-table and the indirect truth-table should be the same (either both demonstrate that the argument is valid, or both demonstrate that the argument is invalid). Use the following statement letters to represent the statements in the argument below: J, B, S, P.

Argument: Judy drinks soda, or Bob drinks whiskey. If Judy drinks soda, then Sam drinks iced tea; moreover, if Bob drinks whiskey, then Poppy drinks lemonade. So, either Sam drinks iced tea, or Poppy drinks lemonade.

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