Topic Iii 4 6please Let Me Know Correct Answer And Explain It For

Topic III 4 6

Please let me know correct answer and explain it !

  1. For

specific activities and processes you should evaluate these two dimensions ________ and ________.

            a. Purchasing’s services, purchasing’s people

  • b. Purchasing’s time, purchasing’s services
  • c. Purchasing’s revenue, purchasing’s costs
  • d. Purchasing’s people, purchasing’s metrics
  • e. None of the above

     2._______ powers the centralized sourcing structure. Because everything happens in one central location, you know what your spend looks like.

           a. Visibility

  • b. Coherence
  • c. Reliability
  • d. Interdependency
  • e. Adjacency

     3.After Toyota’s production ground to a halt following a devastating fire, what allowed them to make up for all the lost production in only 6 months?

           a. An extremely lean supply chain

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