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This assignment information should be read in conjunction with the material provided in relation to the lecture for Topic 6: Case Study Development and Communication. Please note Sections 5.4 and 5.5 of the ECP: Students must submit this assignment to achieve a passing grade in ACCT3102. Failure to submit, even with a mark of more than 50% in the two examinations, will result in a grade of 3. CONSULTATION IN RELATION TO THE CASE STUDY To ensure consistency of information, ALL questions relating to the case study must be submitted on the Blackboard Discussion Board Case Study Thread. Questions will be answered promptly when using this platform. We will not be answering content related questions in relation to this assessment item in consult or via email. The only exception to this will be during the Case Study Lecture. Case Study LIMIT 3 pages (excludes the Reference List) WEIGHTING 20% (80 marks) REQUIREMENTS: You are required to individually prepare business advice to the directors of AlyZac Games Ltd. The following professional writing protocols have been adopted by your firm for correspondence with all clients: • All client correspondence is to be 1.5 line spaced on A4 paper with 2.5cm for all margins. • Font to be used is Times New Roman font size 12. • All calculations should be rounded to two decimal places. Important notes relating to referencing: • Harvard referencing is to be adopted for in-text reference, other than for accounting standards (see note below), and for the reference list. • Ensure you use the most recent version of AASB 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers available on Blackboard or from the AASB website. • For the in-text referencing from the accounting standards, you must cite the specific provisions including paragraph from the relevant AASB. One of the following two examples should be adopted: AASB 102:11 or AASB 102 para. 11. However, do not reproduce significant parts of the regulation as this would not be appropriate when presenting your advice to a client. The focus should be on interpretation and application of the standard, with a concise, well-structured analysis for your client with key referencing to critical elements of the appropriate accounting standards. • A ‘Formal Report’ structure with an Executive Summary and Table of Contents is NOT required given the brevity of the required information. • This assessment must be the sole work of the individual student and not done in collaboration with other students. Students may discuss with one another the general principles of the Accounting Standards; however, you may not collaborate/discuss on the specifics of the proposal or how the Standards are relevant to the proposal.



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