This Assignment Asks You To Select One Of The Three Legislative Contexts Of Rights N 3072150

Assessment Task 2

· Title:Working within Legislative Frameworks

· Type:Written Assignment

· Due Date:17 May 19

· Weight:60%

· Word length:3000 words

· Task description

· § This assignment asks you to select one of the three legislative contexts of Rights, Negligence or Employmentidentified in the course content. The assignment has three parts.

· § In the first part, you are asked to identify an event, relevant to your professional setting (in primary school), that would raise legal issues relating to this context. You will write a fictional scenario that describes the event.

· § The scenario will be the basis for the second part, which asks you to write an annotated bibliography of at least five books, articles or separately authored chapters (published between 2009-2019) Each annotation is to articulate and assess the contribution of the source to an understanding of the legal issuesarising from the scenario.

· § The third part requires you to outline and justify the action that you, as an educational leader, should take to respond to the legal aspects of the eventdescribed in the scenario.

· That is, your assignment should include:

· § A scenario, describing a fictional event within your professional setting that raises legal issues.

· § An annotated bibliography of sources that address the legal issues raised in the scenario.

· § The action that should be taken by an educational leader in response to the legal aspects of the situation and a justification of that action.

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