This Assignment Aims At Ensuring That Students Have Familiarised Themselves With A G 3060198

This assignment aims at ensuring that students have familiarised themselves with a general
framework of at least one management related topic. Students will be required to apply relevant
theoretical concepts with the use of practical examples in most cases in a written research paper
and discuss their topic via a live presentation.
Topics and presentation schedule:
Organise yourselves into groups of not more than 4 students and not less than 3 students.
Please choose from one of the following topics from the list (see below).
Topics will be allocated on a ‘first come- first served basis’ and will be reserved by your lecturer in
writing via email.
Please ensure that you include a list of all of the group members in the email. In the event of too
many students choosing the same topic, preference will be given to those students who have
secured the topic first and subsequent groups will be required to choose another topic.
Research on the broad topic is a group activity and each student must contribute to that work.
Each student in the group will then research, in depth an individual component drawn from
the broad research topic.
1. Written report – worth 20% of your final grade and must be submitted Week 10 at 5pm.
The written report should begin with the broad research topic which is then followed by
each individual component identified by the individual student who prepared it.
Your report is to be written as a business report. It must include;
• Executive summary
• Table of contents
• Section headings
• Paragraphing
• Page numbers
• Reference list at the end of the report
2. Presentation – worth 10% of your final grade and will be presented at a date chosen by
the lecturer commencing week 6.
These presentations must be organised as a business presentation. Use of visual aids is
Strict adherence to the 10 minute limit is expected. You should allocate your time to allow
for a very short introduction on the broad topic followed by a few minutes allocated to each
student to present their individual component.



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