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For this week, identify two different theoretical perspectives discussed in your textbook chapters 3-4 (for example Piaget, Vygotsky,
Freud, Systems, Eco-Systems Theory, Learning Theory, etc.) and use
those theories to discuss how a social worker might guide an
intervention with Marcus and his mother (see scenario below).


The Scenario:

Marcus is a 24-month-old toddler
experiencing another separation from his mother who is a single parent
enlisted in the Army. Marcus’ mother has been deployed three times
since Marcus was born and he has spent each separation with a different
caregiver (aunt, grandmother, and a friend). What would these changes
mean for Marcus and his mother and why?

In your posting discuss how these
changes might impact Marcus and his mother, and why a social worker
would intervene, if at all. Then, justify how the two theories you
selected might potentially guide your intervention with Marcus and his

*Be sure to include at
minimum two citations/sources (one must be your textbook and the other
must be an outside scholarly peer article)


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